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This’ll be all jumbled up, but I really don’t feel like doing organized paragraphs tonight. I usually have dinner early but I just got back from Where The Wild Things Are with my mom, and only got to eat a few minutes ago. My tummy don’t like it, that fo sho.

  • Speaking of Where The Wild Things Are, wowza! I didn’t expect that at all. I was very thrilled, from start to finish, and was quite amused at how the director interpreted the, what, 20-page book(?) into an entire awesome film. It was genius. I really loved it, and I was already expecting a lot ever since I first heard about the movie. It’s one of my most cherished books so it was only right to expect a lot, right? Well, this is a first: finally, a movie that had exceeded my already high expectations.
  • I was supposed to drive up to the Rockies for the fall break with friends, but decided to stay home instead. It was fun, actually. I got to write a lot, work on a few drafts for WellWire, and prepare for the busy school week ahead.
  • This week was a huge sound trip for me, too. Paolo sent me really awesome tracks from random indie acts, most of which I haven’t heard before. Watched a bit of Punk in London ’77 and reminisced as if I was actually there to witness it all (the 70s, hands down, is my favorite era for rock). Got some great Sonic Youth (and solo Thurston Moore) tracks, again from Paolo, and organized all my chick rock tracks into one comprehensive playlist for some great femme tunage. My iPod is having the best musicgasm ever, that’s for sure.
  • The only thing that I’m a bit bummed about is that I’m totally being complacent about my recreational reading. I know that the week has been by far the busiest week ever, but I hate making excuses when it comes to my books. I’m on it, though. I won’t sleep tonight without reading at least 3 chapters off of Dracula.
  • I watched High School Musical 3 this afternoon. I heart you Zac Efron (and your unbelievable biceps and abs… they make me shed tears of joy).

Written by Karla Mercado

October 18, 2009 at 4:31 am

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