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International Donations for the Victims of Tropical Storm Ketsana

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Photo from gettyimages

Photo from gettyimages

Dear friends,

If you haven’t heard the news yet, my homeland, the Philippines was severely hit by a typhoon (tropical storm Ketsana) last Saturday, 26 September. I have family and a lot of friends back home who were terribly affected by the floods, and I feel very helpless being here when all I want is to book the next flight to Manila and help rebuild homes and lives.

But instead of recoiling in defeat, I’m trying my best to get the word out through my blogs, Twitter and Facebook, and I hope you can help, too. I am reposting the following list of avenues through which we can help from thousands of miles away. Please take the time to read this post, and perhaps if you find a convenient way to help out, it will be so greatly appreciated. Any amount will do — $5 can buy more than a dozen water bottles and even more canned goods.

Please help spread the word. Thank you and may God bless all.



Reposting Letter from Fr. Manoling: International Donations for the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

Plus link to the Philippine National Red Cross — http://www.redcross.org.ph/Site/PNRC/wtd.aspx

28 September 2009

Dear Kababayans and Friends,

The other day, Typhoon Ondoy unleashed the heaviest rainfall in the Philippines in the past forty years (34.1 cm., one-month’s worth of rain, in Metro Manila in just six hours), submerging 80% of MM under water and placing 27 provinces under a state of calamity. The NDCC reports damage to infrastructure at P108M; Agri. Sec. Yap estimates damage to crops at half a billion pesos. Casualties have breached a hundred (many remain missing), and almost half a million people have been displaced.

For those who wish to help our kababayans affected by Ondoy, you may send checks through the following:


Tax-deductible checks to:

1. Philippine Jesuit Foundation (for Ondoy-TYF)
236 West 27th Street
Ninth Floor New York
New York 10001

2. Any of the 64 LBC branches all over the U.S.A.
Address check to LBC (Ontoy-TYF)
Immediate remittance, but non tax-deductible checks to:

3. Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.
Metrobank SA (USD): 448-2-448000265-3


1. Any LBC branch
Address check to LBC (Ontoy-TYF)

EUROPE: Spain & Italy
1. Any LBC branch
Address check to LBC (Ontoy-TYF)

ASIA: HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Australia, Taiwan
1. Any of the 56 LBC branches in Asia
Address check to LBC (Ontoy-TYF)

2. Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.
MetroBank SA (USD): 448-2-448000265-3

1. Any of the 750 LBC branches
Address check to LBC (Ontoy-TYF)

2. Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.
Metrobank CA (PhP): 007-613-00046-8
Metrobank SA (USD): 448-2-448000265-3

Visit http://www.tangingyaman.org

Go to the “How you can help” page,

Fill out the pledge form, and then

Email it back to exesec@tangingyaman.org

In Our Lord’s Mercy

Fr. Manoling V. Francisco, SJ

Executive Director
Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.
Loyola School of Theology,
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, QC, MM


Written by Karla Mercado

September 28, 2009 at 5:55 pm

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